Frequently Asked Questions


Is Tasteur mobile friendly?

Absolutely, Tasteur was designed to adjust itself to your device. Tasteur will function smoothly, regardless of whether you are using your laptop, tablet, desktop, iPhone or Android phone.

Do you have an App that I can download via App Store or Google Play?

Although Tasteur is an online platform, it was designed with the intention of creating real world relationships and connecting people with ‘source’. In keeping with this more traditional and holistic approach, Tasteur’s Founder made a conscious decision not to force you into downloading any kind of software. This results in a much more secure and reliable platform that is compatible with all kinds of devices, with no need for localized updates!


What are the benefits of creating a Tasteur account?

By signing up to Tasteur, you will gain direct access to the best local food providers, farmers, craft beverage producers, private chefs, and tastefully crafted activities near you! You will be part of a growing community that is moving away from centrally controlled mass-production and towards a more localized ‘intimate’ system. As a result, you’ll find better quality fresher produce, plus you will be able to develop relationships with your providers, just like the good old days!

Does it cost to open a Tasteur account?

No, joining Tasteur is 100% FREE!

How do I update my Account Information?

All account details, including Tasteur profile, username and password, can be updated by logging in to your account.

I forgot my Tasteur password, how can I reset it?

Go to the login page, click on “Forgot password” and enter the email address that you used to register. You will then receive a link via email directing you to choose a new password.


How do reviews work on Tasteur?

To leave a review or comment about a particular provider, product or activity, simply login to your Tasteur account and write something in the comment box at the bottom of the listing. The review format on Tasteur is more like an open discussion. At Tasteur, feedback goes beyond good vs. bad. We invite you to elaborate on your experiences and interact with your fellow users and providers. Do please keep it courteous though, and let your feedback be constructive.

How do ratings work on Tasteur?

After a transaction is completed, you can also endorse your purchase by giving a thumbs up, which will help boost the ratings of local providers and small businesses.


In case of any questions or problems relating to a specific product or service, who do I reach out to?

You should contact the individual provider directly via their listing or profile page since they will be best qualified to help.

Who do I contact regarding technical issues or matters concerning the website?

Questions relating to the platform or website functionality should be directed to Tasteur support who are always happy to be of service. Our team can be reached HERE, and typically reply within 24 hours.


What payment methods do you accept?

If you purchase products or book activities via the Tasteur website, you can pay via credit, debit, and prepaid cards issued by all major banks, as well as by PayPal. If the individual provider accepts cash payments or alternative payment methods, you are most welcome to visit their location and transact in person.

Which currencies can I pay in?

Tasteur is a global platform where the base currency is set to display in US Dollars. You can switch to your local currency simply by clicking on the price of the item that you’d like to purchase and selecting your currency of choice from the dropdown. Please note that prices may vary from time to time due to exchange fluctuations.

Is my credit card information secure?

Absolutely! Your online purchases and bookings are processed via PayPal, world leaders in secure virtual payments. All transactions take place on PayPal’s highly protected platform. Tasteur has no access to your credit card information or PayPal credentials.

orders & returns

What happens after I place my order?

The provider that you purchased from is notified about your transaction, which they then need to accept. If the transaction is not accepted within 3 days or before the end date (whichever comes first), the transaction is canceled, and no money is transferred. Once accepted, the order goes through, and you will get a receipt of the transaction via email. The provider's business name should appear on your receipt.

How do I order from several different providers?

To order from several providers, you must complete an order from each one separately. That is, the entire process of ordering from one provider must be completed, including payment. After receiving your order confirmation, a new order may be placed with another provider.

How can I edit or cancel my order?

If payment has not yet gone through, you can contact the provider directly via their listing or profile page and ask them to reject the current order that is pending. Once rejected, you can then make your preferred order or simply move on.

What about exchanges and returns?

It is important that you review each individual provider’s returns policy prior to placing your order. If it is part of their policy, the matter should be dealt with directly via the provider.

delivery & shipping

How does delivery & shipping work?

All orders and bookings are made directly between you and the provider. Tasteur simply makes the introduction. Therefore, you should read the individual delivery policies and instructions of each provider accordingly since they are responsible for fulfilling your request. Queries and issues related to orders and delivery should be addressed directly to the provider. Of course, in the event of any escalation or non-cooperation on the part of the provider, you may feel free to contact the Tasteur team, and we will do our best to mediate and help resolve the matter.

Where do you deliver?

Due to the delicate nature of consumable products, you will find that most providers only deliver locally. To avoid disappointments, please refer to the shipping policy of the individual provider before placing your order. If anything is unclear, particularly regarding international orders, it is always best to send the provider a private message via their listing or profile page. They will be happy to answer your questions and guide you accordingly.

Does you have your own delivery service?

Tasteur integrates with the providers’ existing delivery model. When a provider offers delivery, this is managed by the provider themselves and Tasteur is not involved in the order fulfillment.

What happens if I order from different providers?

Orders from different providers are not typically consolidated. Therefore, you should expect that your orders from different providers will be dispatched and arrive separately.

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